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Floor Buffing In Vancouver

The condition of your floor significantly impacts the overall feel of a commercial building, condominium, and office place. People notice the flooring when they step into your apartment, and an ugly floor will be a backdrop for your interior decoration. A glossy, new-looking surface ensures a quality environment. Still, a worn and dusty one can steal from the atmosphere you are trying to create inside the office or apartment facility. It is where you need Transparent Cleaning to maintain shiny, spotless floors through our unrivaled floor buffing services in Vancouver, Burnaby, Langley, and around.

We use eco-friendly products, high-end cleaning equipment, and top-notch skills to make it less daunting and time-consuming for our commercial and domestic clients. We support our staff members to deliver the best sanitization results in the name of commercial cleaning. Let us do the honor of floor cleaning at your property and see how our experts will wash a wooden, granite, or marble floor to restore its shine through floor buffing.

What Is Floor Buffing?

Buffing removes all the stains, dust, nick, and scratches from the floor surface with a machine. This machine has a buffing pad tailored to create a smooth and even flooring surface. It is like thoroughly cleaning the floor surfaces to discover the original gloss and shine

Types Of Buffing

There are generally two types of Buffing used by Transparent Cleaning to reveal your floor’s natural shine and beauty.

Spray Buffing: We use a chemical in this Buffing to clean dirt, spots, corrosion, and other spots. Spray buffing is the best solution for returning a shiny surface to your commercial space.

Dry Buffing: no liquids are applied to the floor or buffing pad. A dry buffer rotates at high speed to ensure a clean, beautiful, glossy, and even surface.

Our Workflow

If you are looking for floor cleaning and buffing services nearby, call Transparent cleaning to get flawless floor buffing delivered to your place. Our working process is as follows;

  • One of our experts will arrive at your location for a preliminary inspection.
  • Then we will prepare a report and select a suitable buffing method to match your objectives.
  • The floor will be hoovered and mopped.
  • Our technicians will use a suitable machine and pad to ensure optimum shine and beauty.

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We recommend closing off the area where you want floor buffing. It is essential to avoid hazards because any error can cause serious safety and health problems. Try to vacate the place for a couple of hours because it will be convenient to operate in empty spaces.

But don’t worry, our professional representatives have been doing the same with unrivaled skills for many years. They know how to perform floor buffing with great care and accuracy. Call today to hire a floor buffing specialist having trained staff on board to help you keep your office place in the best of its form. Hire us in Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey, Langley, delta, or anywhere in BC for unmatched floor buffing services.

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