All Your Cleaning Needs Are Met Under One Roof

A clean environment is a healthy one and we make sure of it whether it is for your office or your home. We have been delivering office cleaning services to our valued customers for more than two decades now and in these past years have improved in every aspect.

Our crew is better trained, fully insured, and extremely professional when working in your space. You can expect our staff to deliver efficient commercial cleaning services without disrupting your routine. As a business that interacts with other businesses on a regular, we have designed a cleaning procedure that involves little to no interference with your commercial activities.

We Offer a Wide Variety of House Cleaning Services

Routine cleaning visits from our team are often during working hours (as decided by the customer). This does not mean that expert crew members will in any way interrupt your productive day. As our services begin far earlier than the actual cleaning routine, we first survey the prospect client, get their schedule details and determine a schedule that works for all parties involved.

Similarly, when completing residential cleaning services, we make sure our customers are comfortable with the cleaning schedule. More often than not, most homeowners avoid hiring professional cleaners as managing outsiders in their space seems like a chore. At Transparent Cleaning, we make sure we are aware of any specifications beforehand and do not disturb the client in any shape or form while we are at their premises.

We Use Natural Cleaning Products

Peace of mind is crucial with cleaning routines. We understand that most of our customers expect time-management, the best cleaning equipment, highly qualified cleaners, insurance, and a reliable work ethic.

We Have Trained Professionals

We make sure to deliver on what we promise by incorporating our valuable customer's input into the job. You can expect our move-in move-out cleaning services to be highly compatible with your preferences and that of the landlord. Whether you are moving into a new apartment or moving out, it is our job to dust, clean, wash and dry everything on-site and get things for the inspection.

The sour crew is more than happy to change anything that isn’t working for you once we are done. We include janitorial, window cleaning, floor care, bathroom washing, commercial and retail cleaning, and well industrial cleaning in our portfolio of work.

Your space is safe with us

You are always welcome to browse through our previous work and offerings before you book us for carpet cleaning services or a commercial project. We assure you that all our work is thorough, detailed, and fully customized to suit what you require.

You can book a consultation or call-out service with our experts if you aren’t sure which services will work best for you. for all your queries and price-related questions give us a call today and get a free estimate for our service.