Disinfection Services In Vancouver, BC

Your apartment and office might look clean, but it still harbors thousands of harmful germs everywhere. A property that is not sanitized keeps pathogens on doorknobs, handles, fridge handles, and stoves. We know germs are still sitting throughout your accommodation, so Transparent Cleaning offers whole-house sanitization and disinfection services to exterminate dangerous entities from your property. We strive to make your property clean germ free to ensure a healthy lifestyle for our commercial and condo customers.

Our disinfection experts will perform this operation with great caution and industry-leading standards in your condominium to make it a healthier living place. We provide unsurpassed disinfection services for homes, apartments, and offices throughout Vancouver and BC. After being hit by the deadly Coronavirus, it is now more important to disinfect your living and business facilities for a hygienic lifestyle.

We Will Make You Our Customer For Life

Your satisfaction is our driving force, and we can go the extra mile to provide high-end and hassle-free cleaning to maintain cleanliness at your property. Whether your living apartment or business place, our expert cleaners will combine detail-oriented janitorial methods with robustly accurate and eco-friendly disinfectants to ensure a healthful facility for your clients and family members.

Our expert cleaners know which surface is prone to viruses and bacteria, and they will sanitize every surface and disinfect high foot traffic zones as a preliminary cleaning practice. Following this disinfection stage, we can offer recurring detail disinfection and cleaning services regularly to help you live in a healthier environment.

Surfaces You Need To Disinfect

Offices, homes, and apartments need to be sanitized and disinfected repeatedly because these are where you spend most of your time. With its team of professional and qualified cleaners, Transparent Cleaning adopts a proactive sanitation approach to disinfect any commercial facility, apartments, and condos across British Columbia. We make all porous and non-porous surfaces germs-free with our disinfection specialties.

Here is the list of targets where we perform disinfection service.

High-touch areas on your property include;

  • Kitchen cabinets and appliances
  • Woody furniture and personal computers
  • Countertops and furniture in your kitchen
  • Bathroom toilet, sinks, and all the fixtures
  • Landline phones and other smart devices
  • Main door handles and doorknobs
  • Bedroom cabinets and drawer handles 

We offer affordable sanitation and disinfection services in Langley and Burnaby to help you know that you live in a place free of contamination, including dust, waste, viruses, and bacteria. Our intuitive approach and dedication are what you need to reside in a safe, healthier, and sanitized commercial space.

Disinfection Services We Offer In Langley, BC

Our services to disinfect a space and make it safe and healthy for your loved ones includes;

  • Commercial business and Disinfection services
  • Move-in and move-out Disinfection
  • Restroom, Kitchen, and Basement (Residential) Disinfection
  • Virus-killing sprays with industry-grade and approved Disinfectants
  • Steam cleaning (Hot, Dry Steam) for surface disinfection to kill viruses and bacteria

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There is no better and faster way to disinfect a surface on your property but hiring Transparent Cleaning will make this happen in little or no time. Our Disinfection and cleaning process will immediately kill all the viruses and harmful bacteria and improve the air quality. Furthermore, our experts use efficient methods and disinfectants to kill mold, allergens, and spores immediately.

We give practical, efficient, affordable, and quick results to make your office and home pleasant and disease-free. Call Transparent Cleaning for immediate action and get a hygienic environment and peace of mind.

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